Beijing Royal School Hosts AP Education Summit -- A new chapter in international education opened

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2014 AP China Education Summit, organised by the College Board and hosted by Beijing Royal School had its grand opening on the afternoon of October 17, 2014. Together with AP teachers of BRS and more than 300 teachers from across China, leaders of the College Board and from American universities have witnessed the most important annul international academic event of AP education in China. Honored guests are Mr Jim Montoya, Vice President of International Affairs and Higher Education and Dr Wang Xiangbo Vice President of China Programs at College Board, Mr Wang Guangfa, Chairman of Fazheng Group and Principal of BRS, Dr Douglas Christiansen, Vice Provost for Enrolment and Dean of Admissions at Vanderbilt University, Ms Adele Brumfield, Director of Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr Stephen J. Handel, Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Admissions at University of California and Ms Jennifer Desjarlais, Director of Admissions and Scholarship at Wellesley College.

Mr Wang Guangfa, Principal of Beijing Royal School gives a speech

On the theme of Deepening the Understanding between AP China Education and U.S. Higher Education, the two-day AP summit was divided into two parts: In the first day, BRS AP teachers of various disciplines showed excellent demonstration lessons to the visit teachers. The latter have expressed admiration and appreciation for BRS teachers’ professional skill and course innovation. In the Q&A session, they had interacted actively, and expressed their eagerness to have more opportunities to learn in the future.

AP courses presentation by BRS teachers
BRS AP teachers interact with participants in Q&A session, emceed by Dr Wang Xiangbo

On the 18th, Dr Wang Xiangbo, the Vice-president of China programs at the College Board interpreted the overall performance of Chinese students’ AP examination in the year of 2014. Mr Jim Montoya, Vice President of International Affairs and Higher Education at the College Board announced the news from the College Board on SAT revision. As the host, Mr Principal Wang Guangfa had introduced the development of AP courses at BRS. In his speech, AP course is supposed to be expanded globally, while the development of AP courses put higher requirement for teachers in inspiring students’ potential. And fact proves that developing AP courses at BRS is a great education reform which shows him the school’s future.

It is the third time that the College Board organises AP summit in China since the previous two summits held at Peking University and East China Normal University. BRS is honored to be the first Chinese international school that hosts the AP summit. Being one of the earliest AP educators in China, BRS has been making great effort to localize and innovate the AP education. BRS, currently offering 21 AP courses, boasts the largest number among Chinese international schools. The courses starts from the first senior grade, according to each student’s basic capabilities, they are grouped into 12 classes taught by 6 teachers who give flexible teaching contents in accord with the level of each class. The grade monitor supervises their learning and replaces them in a suitable class.

From the faculty perspective, BRS adhere to “40:40:20” faculty ratio, that is, 40% of foreign teachers, 40% of the returnees, 20% of Chinese bilingual teachers. In order to improve the education quality, BRS not only invites American expertise to give teachers all lengths of term educational training, but also provides teachers with short term and mid-term training and exchange opportunities at famous American universities, including Harvard University, Duke University, University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University, and also aperiodically send teachers to the US for paid professional development. At the same time, paying close attention to pedagogy and demonstration lessons, BRS adapts a full range of international standards for teaching assessment. In order to accelerate improvement of teaching quality, BRS timely invites Curriculum expertise of the College Board and ETS to inspect classroom actives.

For the purpose of creating an international environment and cultivating every student into international elite, BRS, under the leadership of Mr Principal Wang, innovatively has been making efforts in recent years to implement mobile APP education. Using smart phone and pad, students now can bring the international course home and keep the teachers aside.

It is worth mentioning that BRS attaches great importance to exchanges and cooperation with American the College Board. Mr Principle Wang Guangfa and his team have visited the College Board and participated in AP education forums several times. The College Board leadership and admission officers of famous American universities have also visited BRS at the invitation of Mr Wang to enhance understanding and cooperation between the two sides and to create better AP education at BRS.

Meanwhile, during the two-day summit, BRS, as the summit host, has also fulfilled its mission to present its leading AP teaching quality of China, and has provided a comfortable and safe conference environment with an elite faculty, high standard service and infrastructure. In the closing ceremony on the 18th afternoon, there was a prolonged ovation from the College Board leaders and participants, expressing their praise for BRS and sincere gratitude to Mr Principal Wang Guangfa.

Group photo of the College Board leaders, BRS leaders and BRS student volunteers

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